Utilities Salary Survey  Executive Summary


An Executive Summary for the survey overall and for the Water and Power sectors (including for Regional Water organisations) is produced on completion of six-monthly survey updates in April and October that provide:


Executive Summaries can be produced for other sub-sectors on request (moderate fee charged). For example:

or any other division, provided that the resulting sample sizes are sufficient, and confidentiality of the underlying data is maintained according to strict NRC standards.

Example Summary Remuneration Tables.

For those positions covered by the survey for which data from at least three organisations was received. Summary results are listed in tables as shown in the example following.

For each position the Table shows Median Base Salary, Total Remuneration, Total Remuneration Cost, and Fixed Annual Remuneration for the survey overall. Median Fixed Annual Remuneration is shown by organisation size by revenue group, by industry (Water and Power), and by ownership (Government and Private).

The overall sample size is given below the Survey Job Title, where N is the total sample size and C is the number of organisations from which the sample was received.

Appendices in the Executive Summary provide a guide to accessing the full survey results online using a NRC-provided secure access user name and password, and for participants using Jobscore, a guide to accessing updated salary formulas.

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