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The survey covers organisations directly associated with:

The survey examines over 200 distinct positions, ranging down from the Board Chairman and covering all key functions as well as specialised industry jobs (see list of jobs covered). Data from both government and non-government organisations in all regions are included.

The survey is produced annually in April and October.

For each six-monthly update, detailed survey results are published online in three volumes: one for the water sector, one for the power sector (electricity and gas), and a composite report including providers to the industry. In addition, a printed Executive Summary for specific sectors are provided.

Survey results give a remuneration table analysing salary package details for each job surveyed, including short-term incentive analysis, together with salary movements and forecasts. For organisations using the NRC Job evaluation system Jobscore, salary formulas are provided for various segments of the industry.

Data for the survey can be provided and maintained using a convenient, secure online facility, or by spreadsheet in the corresponding format.

Participation in the survey is by annual subscription, payable annually in advance. The amount of the subscription is based on organisation total annual revenue from its utility industry operations. Rates are also listed to include an annual Jobscore job evaluation system licence or/and JobMaster online position description management, salary determination and reporting system licence .

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