Utilities Survey: Data Management
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Enter data for a job to add to the survey: Assign a record number to the job (in the range 1 to 999), and the job's title (abbreviated if necessary). Select the Survey Title matching the job for which you are providing data. The jobs surveyed are grouped into job functions. The Board and senior management are listed first, followed by positions in the individual job functions. Job specialisations in each utility type are listed at the end. The Job Brief button gives a short role description for the selected Survey Title. The Calculate Package button computes salary package totals and does some checks on the data. Indicate if the incumbent has been in the job for at least a year (Y/N). If available, enter the Jobscore points for the position. Click Save to record your data. To review your jobs use the Job List button.

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All amounts are total annual amounts, in whole dollars. Exclude commas and decimal points from numbers.

Base Salary

Base Salary excludes all fringe benefit items, incentive payments, superannuation, and salary sacrifice superannuation.

Other Cash

The total amount attributed to the package for all other cash benefits paid in additional to base salary, excluding superannuation and incentive payments, but including annual leave loading, overtime, and all other cash allowances.


The total amount of employer and salary sacrifice superannuation.


Purchase Price  

Usage Level  

Calculated Survey Value   


Car = the amount accounted in the salary package for use of an employer provided and maintained vehicle.
Purchase Price = the original cost of the vehicle: used in calculating a standardised survey value for the benefit and the FBT payable on the benefit.
Usage Level = the level of usage the employee has of the vehicle: used in the calculation of the FBT payable on the benefit (Statutory Formula Method assuming 20% rate).
Calculated Survey Value = the calculated, standardised survey value for the benefit. Relies on the values Purchase Price and Usage Level to be provided.

Other Non-Cash Benefits

The total amount, excluding any FBT charge, attributed to the package for all other non-cash type benefits: including leased cars, telephone, professional subscriptions, medical/life insurance, etc, but excluding superannuation and incentive payments.

Short Term Incentive

The total value of short term incentives, paid in the current year.


The Calculate Package button shows the total package values as they will be calculated for use in the survey.
As required, the survey value of a car, FBT payable on the car, and FBT on other non-cash benefits (assuming they are all FBT-liable) are calculated. If either the car purchase price or usage level are not provided then these calculations cannot be completed, and produces salary package totals as shown.
First-round checks are also carried out on the data to help identify any errors or inconsistencies.

Survey Total Remuneration 

Grossed-up FBT 

Survey Total Remuneration Cost 

Total Remuneration pus FBT

Survey Fixed Annual Remuneration 

Total Remuneration Cost less Short Term Incentive

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