About Password Protected Area.

The password protected zone of this website allows access to three areas:

1. Job Price: contains salary survey results for all jobs covered by our surveys.(See Job Price.)
2. Job Evaluation: allows online job evaluations to be conducted using our job evaluation system Jobscore.
3. Data Management: stores, and allows on-line management of information provided by our salary survey participants.

All survey participants have access to Data Management. Using Data Management participants can amend, add to, and delete salary survey data on-line. This eliminates the nescessity to fill in data collections forms or submit survey data in some other manner. Advantages are that a participants survey data is always accessible to the participant, the data is secure, and the cost of data collection is dramatically reduced.

Access to Job Price is by subscription. Participants that subscribe to our survey have automatic access to all salary survey results published for the particular survey they subscribe to. The results include full remuneration tables for all jobs covered by the survey, salary movements and forecasts, and any other analyses provided as part of the survey results. All remuneration tables, job descriptions, and other analyses thus presented can be printed out by the subscriber thereby providing a hard copy for their use off-line. The subscription for particpation in a particular surveys is given in the section that describes the survey. See Salary Surveys.

The results of many of our surveys are restricted to survey participants. Only the results of our all-industries surveys are available to general subscribers. Remuneration tables for selected jobs, or all jobs, covered by these all-industries surveys can be accessed by subscription. The amount of the subscription depends on which jobs are to accessed, and whether the access is to position description matched results or job evaluated results. Access is provided for a period of six months and all results can be printed out.

Access to job evaluation is automatically provided to participants in our surveys who subscribe on a job evaluated basis. General access is also provided on a time basis. Access can be purchased for just 24 hours through to one year. Job evaluations conducted by the user are stored and they can be amended, added to, and deleted at the user's will at any time during the period of validity of their access. Should a users decide to access the evaluation at a future date, we keep all evaluations for one year. If a user requires the evaluations to be saved for a longer period then a small storage applies. For access charges to job evaluation see Jobscore on-line access.