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Survey Data Collection, Report Presentation, Job Evaluation

The survey examines jobs from a selection of over 100 organisations across all industries and regions of Australia. All data in the survey are job evaluated. Job points are based on the NRC job evaluation system Jobscore.

Positions covered by the survey fall in the range 100 job points (eg lower level operatives and elementary clerical support) to 2,400 job points (CEO of an organisation with several hundred million A$ annual revenue).

The survey is produced in April and October each year. Data collection, delivery of the survey results, and the job evaluation system are all on-line. Effectively, there is no need for the exchange of paper or any type of computer-readable file between participants in the survey and the NRC.

Organisations that contribute data to the survey have access to all issues of the survey report produced during the currency of their subscription. A second, customised, Contributor Report is also provided to participants in the survey. This Report focuses on the formulation of salary policy specific to the participant organisation.

Non-participants can purchase on-line access to single editions of the survey results. In addition to the detailed examination of salaries, the results include comprehensive salary movement analyses and forecasts.

Participation, and non-participant purchase of survey results, includes access to the on-line job evaluation system Jobscore during the currency of their subscription.

Live examples of all these features can be seen as described below.

The annual subscription for participants in the survey is currently $3,850 plus GST. For non-participants, purchase of access to the survey results is $4,500 plus GST and covers two issues of the survey in the twelve-onth subscription period. Access to Jobscore is included for the period of the subscription. These subscriptions include training in the use of Jobscore, provided by NRC staff.

See Jobscore for details specific to the evaluation system. A free trial of the system is also accessible.

An example of all parts of the on-line survey, that is, data collection, survey report, and contributor report, including Jobscore is provided. This live demonstration is located in the secure area of our website and the word 'NSDEMO' (all upper-case) as both user name and password will give access. On entry, the Secure Access Main Menu will be displayed as follows (colours may be different):

From this menu select Data Management for the survey data collection and management routine; Job Price to see an example of a full Survey Report, and Contributor Report for the customised report provided to survey participants. Access to Jobscore is also provided through this menu. Each part of the system includes detailed descriptions.

Go to the Secure Access section of our website and follow directions from there, using the above user name and password to access the demonstration. For further explanation or assistance please contact us.

Data in the survey are analysed on the basis of job function, and grades within each function. The job functions are:

Survey grades are based on Jobscore points ranges as follows:

Grade Points Grade Points Grade Points
0 up to 134 5 375 - 468 10 1,144 - 1,430
1 135 - 179 6 469 - 585 11 1,431 - 1,787
2 180 - 239 7 586 - 731 12 1,788 - 2,234
3 240 - 299 8 732 - 915 13 2,235 - 2,793
4 300 - 374 9 916 - 1,143 14 2,794+

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