LARS - Salary Movements and Forecasts
Twelve months period ending 31 March 2004
All-industries and Local Authorities


Example screen from May 2004 Survey on-line Report:

For the twelve month period to 31 March 2004 the median increase in Local Authorities Base Salaries was 4.0%. The median increase in Total Remuneration was also 4.0%.

Similarly, the median all-industries Base Salary and Total Remuneration increases were 4.0%.

Our forecast for Salary and CPI movements to June 2005 are:
Local Authorities median increase in Total Remuneration: 4.0%
All-industries median increase in Total Remuneration: 4.0%
Headline inflation - CPI: 2.7%

  Percentage Movement: 31 March 2003 to 31 March 2004
Base Salary Total Remuneration
Local Authorities All Industries Local Authorities All Industries
First Quartile
Third Quartile

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