Create and Specify an Organisation

Why do I do this?

One aspect of the Jobscore job evaluation system is that every job in an organisation contributes to the organisation as a whole. The level of this contribution varies from minimal to extremely important depending on the job's role in the organisation. Another Jobscore consideration is that the more complex the organisation's products/services and markets, and the larger the organisation, the greater the level of skill required to manage its affairs. For each individual organisation within which jobs are to be evaluated, Jobscore records certain factors to describe the organisation's complexity. The factors are: the organisation’s product/service range, the diversity of the markets for its products/services, the geographic scope of its markets, and the industry and size of the organisation.

How do I determine the organisation that contains the job?

In the Jobscore context an 'organisation' can be anything from a complete, multi-national corporation to, for example, a small, regional branch office. For the purposes of evaluating a job in Jobscore, choose the largest organisational unit that the job can reasonably have any measureable influence upon.

For example, consider an organisation consisting of a corporate office and a number of regional operations. In this structure the organisation to be considered for roles in the corporate office would be the entire corporation. For roles in the regional operations the organisation to be considered would be the regional operation. If the regional operation included sub-branches, and some employees in that sub-branch are only associated with that sub-branch, for example a receptionist, then for such employees the sub-branch would be the appropriate organisation to choose.

Further consideration of the sub-branch concept is warranted as there may be particular jobs in the sub-branch that provide for example, important, ongoing market intelligence to the larger regional operation. In such cases the organisation to be considered is the regional operation. Jobscore specifies a scaling factor allowing you to moderate as appropriate the overall impact such role has on the larger regional operation.

Steps to create and specify an organisation:

  • Select Organisation Details on this menu to display the Organisation List screen.

This screen lists any existing organisations created under your user name, and provides a button to create a new organisation.

  • Click the Create New Organisation button to display the Record Organisation Details screen:

Shown above is an example of a completed Record Organisation Details screen. The screen is initially displayed with blank data entry fields. For your own identification purposes enter a number and a name for your company/organisation.

Select the main industry sector containing the organisation. Generally this is the sector that provides the greatest part of the organisation's revenue or, for non-profit organisations, the sector consuming the greatest part of its budget. Select the industry from the drop-down list that appears when the downward pointing arrow to the right of the data entry area is clicked. Scroll down the list if necessary.

In a similar, manner indicate the diversity of markets the organisation services; its product diversity or diversity of services provided; and the geographic scope of its operations.

The Help button on this screen displays the section of the online Jobscore manual that describes and defines levels of complexity for the parameters Market Diversity, Product Diversity and Geographic Scope. Click the Help button to display the relevant section of the Manual in a separate window as follows:

Select the links on this Manual display screen to show a definition of levels in these measures.

Finally, enter the total current annual revenue for the organisation, or total annual operating expenditure budget for not-for-profit organisations. [See also Price Deflator which interacts with the revenue/budget amount when determining evaluations for jobs in the organisation.]

  • Click the Save button to record your entries.

The newly created organisation's information is then re-displayed using the Review Organisation Details screen. This Review screen can be used to make changes to the entries. (Click the Save button on the Review screen to save any changes.)

The screen shows the date that the screen was last updated and the user name.

The edit screen includes a Delete button to delete this entry entirely. Note that all job evaluations associated with this organisation will also be deleted.

The Organisation List button displays a list of organisations created by the user. The buttons Previous and Next steps through and displays entries in the organisation list (if there is more than one organisation's details recorded by the user).

Once the organisation containing the job to be evaluated is created and specified, the next step is to evaluate the job within the organisation. To proceed with a job evaluation select the Job Evaluation button on the Review Organisation screen.

To create additional organisations.

From the Jobscore Main Menu, select the Organisation Details option to display the Organisation List screen. Use the Create New Organisation button on the Organisation List screen, to display a fresh Record Organisation Details screen where details of the new organisation can be recorded.

In this manner, any number of separate organisations can be created.

Other aspects include amending or deleting an organisation.

Close this window.

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