Show a Market Salary for a Job Evaluation.

Why do I do this?

Use the market salary figures to:

Steps to do this:

  • Access the Jobscore Main Menu.
  • From the Jobscore Main Menu, select the option 'Job Evaluation' to display the 'Job List' screen.
  • On the Job List screen select the organisation that contains the job to be evaluated.
  • Remaining at the Job List screen, click the 'List Jobs' button to list the jobs for the selected organisation.
  • From the list of jobs displayed for the selected organisation click on the Job No of the job for which a market salary is to be obtained. This will display details of the job's evaluation in a Review Evaluation screen, for example, as follows:

This screen includes a column of buttons on its right-hand side. The button marked Rem. $ gives us a market salary for the job. The list box headed Survey below the Rem. $ button lists the formula sets available to this job for determining a market salary.

If the required formula set identifier is not currently displayed in the list box window, click on the downward pointing arrow to the right of the box to see the list of available formula sets. As necessary, click on the formula set in the list that you require.

Next, click on the Rem. $ button to display the market salary for the job, based on its job points and the market formula set chosen. This is displayed in a Remuneration Data screen as follows:

An entry on the Remuneration Data screen confirms the formula set used to calculate the market salaries shown.

Buttons on the Remuneration Data screen include:

  • Print Preview Gives an A4 sized print of the evaluation details.
  • Explanation Provides a description of the Remuneration Data screen and how the figures it shows are calculated.

Click on the Print Preview button to display the A4 size print version of the display. Once this preview is displayed, select File ---> Print on your browser menu to obtain the print.

Print preview:

Close this window.

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