Select a different set of Market Salary Formulas.

Why do I do this?

Jobscore allows a salary level for a job to be determined in a number of different markets. A set of formulas linking Jobscore points to salaries in each of the markets is required. These formulas, which are normally derived from salary surveys, once entered into Jobscore, can then can be accessed to determine the salary level for the job in the particular market.

Assuming the formulas have already been entered into Jobscore, as described in the section 'Determine a Market Salary for a Job', they can be applied readily to any of the user's job evaluations.

Steps to do this:

The screen includes a column of buttons on its right-hand side. Below the button marked Rem. $ is a list-box headed Survey. This box lists the salary formula sets available to this job evaluation. Initially the window of the list box will display the formula set that is currently the default set for this job.

Click on the downward pointing arrow on the right hand side of the box to display the list of salary formulas that are available to the job. Click on the required formula in the list to select it.

To make the newly selected formula set the default set for this job click the Save button on the Review Evaluation screen.

Click on the Rem. $ button to display a market salary for the job relative to the selected salary formula set.

An example of the market salary display and further explanation can be seen here.

Additional formula sets are made available to the job evaluation as described in the setion Determine a Market Salary for a Job.

Close this window.

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