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Why do we do this?

A group of parameters or factors are measured to describe the organisation that contains the job being assessed. These factors contribute to an assessment of the degree of skill required to manage the organisation's affairs at various levels of influence on the organisation.

The factors are:
  1. Market Diversity
  2. Product Diversity
  3. Geographic Scope
  4. Industry Sector and Revenue/Budget

A change to any one of these factors can mean a change to the evaluation of jobs in the organisation, with the impact of any change being most pronounced at the top of the organisation.

Where a change is made an organisation factor, an automatic recalculation of all job evaluations for the organisation can be activated.

The Review Organisation Details screen is used to make changes to an organisation's parameters, or to the name of the organisation. You cannot change the organisation's number as it is used by the system to link the organisation to its job evaluations.

Once changes have been entered, click the 'Save' button on the Edit screen to record the change.

When the Save button is activated, a message is displayed asking whether all evaluations should be automatically recalculated - it is recommended that you do so. Select 'OK' on the message box for recalculation. Select 'Cancel' for no recalculation.

Review Organisation Details Screen

For example, record an increase in the organisation's total annual revenue from $755.8 million to $800 million.

Click the Save button and the Recalculate dialog is displayed.

Recalculate Dialog

Select OK to recalculate, Cancel not to. Changes to the organisation's details are then saved.

All evaluations for the organisation can also be recalculated using the Recalculate Evaluations button on the Job List screen.

Close this window.

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