Review or Delete a Job Evaluation.

Why do I do this?

A Jobscore job evaluation measures the skills required to perform a job competently. The job evaluation points resulting from this measure indicates the relative value of the job to the organisation. Over time the requirements of a job can change, and a review of its job evaluation can help ensure that its evaluation remains up to date. In other circumstances the position may have become redundant and the evaluation no longer required, in which case it can be deleted - although it could be useful to retain the evaluation for later reference.

Steps to do this:

Job List Screen

Note: If at this point you reach the 'Evaluation Details List' screen, click the 'Return to Simple Job List' button on that screen.
This will return you to the Job List screen displayed above.

Review Evaluation Screen

Once the revisions have been made, click the Calculate button, located at at the top of the column of buttons on the right hand side of the screen. The resulting evaluation is then displayed below the Calculate button.

Save your new evaluation by clicking on the 'Save' button.

Prior to saving your revised evaluation you can retrieve the original evaluation using the Restore button.

The Delete button will remove the evaluation record - permanently. Your hard-copy printout can serve as your backup.

Close this window.

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