Review or Delete Salary Formulas

Why do I do this?

You may wish to review a particular set of salary formulas if they contain an error, or if you wish to change the formula set's description. You cannot change a formula set's identification (Survey ID) as it is used by the system to track the formula set.

You may wish to delete a formula set if it is no longer relevant, or it has been added in error.

One entry on the Jobscore Main menu is Salary Formula Management.

  • Select Salary formula Management to display the Salary Formula List screen.

A table towards the lower part of the screen lists the formula sets.

  • Click on the Survey ID of the set you wish to examine, amend or delete. This will display the formulas and their identification in the Review Salary Formula Set screen - NS0404, for example:

Enter the required changes, then click on the Save button to record your changes. Note that the Survey ID cannot be changed.

Deleting a Formula Set.

If the selected set is to be deleted, click the Delete button.

Important Note: A set cannot be deleted if it is tied to an existing job evaluation. To untie a set from an evaluation, select a different survey set on the job's Review Evaluation screen. Then 'Save' to tie the evaluation to the newly selected formula set. Survey sets are selected for a job on its Review Evaluation screen using the following dialog:

Close this window.

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