Display all Market Salaries as a Spreadsheet.

Why do I do this?

A summary remuneration report listing all jobs for an organisation can be displayed as a spreadsheet. This allows a ready comparison to be made between jobs based on their market salaries.

Steps to do this:

Market Salaries List (screen heading)

Included on this screen is a drop-down box to select the organisation whose data are to be displayed.

  • Identify the required organisation in the list, then click on the organisation's name to select it.

  • Click the List Jobs button to display the market salary details for all jobs in the selected organisation.

The listing appears as shown by the following example:

The right-most column indicates the salary formula set used to determine the market salary data shown for the job.

Data can be listed on Job identity number, title, or points, in either ascending or descending order. Use the Sort By facility to select the column to be sorted on and the order of sorting. Once selected, click on the List Jobs button to re-display the list as specified.

Close this window.

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