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Why do I do this?

Jobscore assesses the various levels of skill that differing jobs demand to enable the duties of the job to be performed competently. Jobscore assesses further that jobs of equivalent overall skill requirement are of the same value to an organisation. This leads to the conclusion, incumbent performance aside, that jobs of equal value to an organisation, irrespective of their nature, be paid equal amounts. This is a view of absolute equity that Jobscore takes.

Differing jobs require differing ranges of skills and at differing levels. Jobscore assesses these to arrive at differing levels to arrive at a single measure called job points. Imputed into this points assessment is a measure of the complexity of the organisation containing the job. The job points can then be used to compare the relative value of jobs to an organisation.

Importantly, this measurement must be of the job's requirements, independent of any consideration of any job incumbent, their qualifications, performance or salary level. These latter aspects are separate issues, usually addressed by the organisation's performance appraisal system and its salary structure and policy; these are considered in other NRC online systems.

Steps to do this:

This will establish an evaluation for a job within a particular organisation.

Other features:

  • A. Amend or delete a job evaluation. How do I do this?
  • B. Determine another job evaluation. How do I do this? Follow steps given in 2. above.

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