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Appendix A - Job Categories

Professional and advanced professional levels skills

Professional level skills.

Professionally qualified positions (minimum 3 or 4 years full-time equivalent degree together with post-graduate diploma as required to practise the profession). Include generalist higher degrees such as MBA in this category. Include Managers and Administrators in this category.

Professionals include:

Accountants, Auditors and Corporate Treasurers
Sales, Marketing and Advertising (including technical sales representative)
Nursing and other Health Professionals (excluding medically qualified practitioners)
Air and Sea Transport including Pilot and Ship’s Officer
Social Welfare including Ministers of Religion
Natural and Physical Scientist Builders and Engineers
ComputingHuman Resources
LibrarianMathematicians, Statisticians and Actuaries
Business and Organisation AnalystsEducation
HistorianInterpreter including Translator
Artists including Journalist and AuthorOccupational and Environmental Health
Museum or Gallery CuratorEconomist

Advanced Professional level skills.

High level professionally qualified positions requiring advanced degrees to practise the profession (minimum 5 years full-time equivalent university study), eg medicine, law, pure research. Typically, qualifications are in a highly specific area of study. Degrees include PhD, MSc, MA.

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