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Appendix A - Job Categories

Intermediate clerical, sales, service and manual skills.

Positions in this group are below trades level.

Intermediate clerical skills include ability to perform tasks such as:

Keyboard Operator Receptionist
Accounts ClerkPayroll Clerk
Bank workerInsurance Clerk
Money Market and Statistical clerks Material recording and Despatch clerks
Personnel ClerkCustoms Inspector
Social Security AssessorMotor Vehicle Licence Examiner
Proof ReaderCourt Orderly
Coding Clerk 

Intermediate sales skills include ability to perform tasks such as:

Sales Representative (non-technical)
Motor Vehicle and related products Salesperson
Retail or Checkout Supervisor

Intermediate service skills include ability to perform tasks such as:

Carer or Aide Bar Attendant or Waiter
Dental assistantVeterinary Nurse
Prison OfficerGaming worker
Personal Care ConsultantFitness Instructor
Travel or Tourism AgentTour Guide
Museum or Art Gallery AttendantAnimal Attendant

Intermediate manual skills include ability to perform tasks such as:

Safe and competent operation of mobile plant, including construction or agricultural plant, or forklift.
Safe and competent operation of stationary plant, including engine, boiler, crane, or mill.
Safe and competent operation of machinery, including textile, clothing or footwear machinery, plastics, rubber, chemical, wood, paper, glass, or clay, stone or concrete processing machinery.
Safe and competent driving of road and rail transport, including truck, bus, tram, automobile, delivery or train driver.
Photographic developing or printing Industrial Spray Painting
MinerBlasting worker
Structural steel construction worker Motor vehicle parts and accessories fitter
Product quality controllerStoreperson
Seafarer or Fishing HandForestry or Logging worker
Printing Hand 

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