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4.3 Industry Sector and Revenue Budget

These factors record the industry and total annual revenue or operating budget of the organisation in which the position is situated.

The Industry group to which the organisation belongs is recorded to allow standardisation of monetary amounts between different industries. For example, the revenue from an export/import business where high turnover, low margin may be the mode of operation, is quite different to a capital intensive high margin manufacturing company, or to the turnover of a finance sector operation where daily cash inflows (and outflows) are high. Accordingly, a scaling factor is applied to these various revenue/ budget types to arrive at a standardised amount. This allows a better comparison to be made between jobs from organisations with widely differing modes of operation.

Operating budget excludes capital items.

For the organisation that contains the job to be evaluated, select the industry sector (A through Q) that accounts for the largest proportion of annual revenue or budget consumption.

Where sub-divisions of an an industry sector are shown, for example 'C(P) Primary Manufacturing' within the broader Manufacturing industry category, then as applicable, enter the sub-division code - in this example C(P).

Depending on the industry selected, the required monetary parameter is either Revenue or Operating Budget. Provide the total annual gross revenue net of internal transfers, or where applicable the total annual operating budget net of capital items.

Table 4.3 Industry Sector and Revenue Budget

Level Industry Parameter
A Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Revenue
B Mining Revenue
C Manufacturing
C(P) Primary Manufacturing
C(A) Substantially Assembling
D Utilities
D(EG) Electricity and Gas
D(EGG) Generation
D(EGD) Distribution
D(W) Water
E Construction Revenue
F Wholesale Trade Revenue
G Retail Trade Revenue
H Accommodation, Cafes and Restaurants Revenue
I Transport and Storage Revenue
J Communication Services Revenue
K Finance and Insurance
K(F) Finance
K(LI) Life Insurance
K(CI) Commercial Insurance
L Property and Business Services Revenue
M Government Administration and Defence Operating Budget
N Education Operating Budget
O Health and Community Services Operating Budget
P Cultural and Recreational Services Operating Budget
Q Personal and Other Services Operating Budget

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