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4. Organisation Parameters

A group of parameters or factors are measured to describe the organisation that contains the job being assessed. The factors measure the diversity of the organisationís product/service range and the markets it serves. The size of the organisation is also measured. These factors are used to assess the skill required to manage the organisation at various levels of impact on the organisation.

The factors are:

   1. Market-Product Diversity
   2. Geographic Scope
   3. Industry Sector and Revenue/Budget

When selecting the organisation parameters applicable to a specific job, the philosophy of the Jobscore system is that each individual job, however small, makes some contribution to the entire organisation. For example, whether it be the cleaner, the receptionist, the person who delivers the organisation's product to the customer, or the chief executive, they all have an impact on the organisation's image or efficiency, to some lesser or greater degree.

The organisation to consider when evaluating a particular job is the largest unit upon which the the position could reasonably have any influence. For example, the head gardener for a large hospital can contribute to the image and perception of the entire complex, as can the switchboard receptionist, and as can the chief medical officer. In all three cases the entire hospital is the relevant organisation.

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