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Functional Breadth Factor
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1.5 Proficiency

Proficiency is gained through on the job experience, related previous experience, and training courses additional to the basic formal education required by the job. Proficiency is also used to measure levels of creativity in the arts.

One view of proficiency is in purely technical terms, where an individual could rise to the level of Expert Practitioner as the final authority within an organisation in some specialised field. Examples are: Chief Legal Counsel, Chief Engineer, Manager Taxation, Company Secretary, Industrial Relations Manager.

Proficiency can also be considered in management terms where an individual needs both technical proficiency in their vocation, trade or profession, and management proficiency to direct the application of organisation resources towards organisation objectives. In this case the minimum level of proficiency would be Senior Practitioner.

Refer also Proficiency descriptions on the page following the Table.

Table 1.5 Proficiency


Beginner, where duties provide training and development, eg Trainee positions.


In a vocation, trade or profession, performs less difficult tasks, or gains experience working with more experienced or senior practitioners. In non-vocational, non-supervisory jobs, works on tasks of standard difficulty for the role.


In vocational, trade, or professional jobs, and in non-vocational supervisory jobs, works independently on tasks of standard difficulty for the role. For non-vocational, non-supervisory jobs, positions that require a well experienced practitioner, or is proficient in a specialised area.


Experienced Practitioner. In vocational jobs, those that require an experienced practitioner (minimum 5 years post-qualification experience), and in non-vocational jobs, those that require a highly experienced practitioner (minimum 8 years job-related experience).


Senior Practitioner.


Advanced Practitioner.


Expert Practitioner.


Senior Expert.




Leading Authority.

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