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1.3.4 Physical Skill

Physical skill measures the level of physical agility and fitness that are inherent in the nature of the job and are required to perform the job competently. This factor measures those jobs that specifically require above average levels of physical ability, such as labourers, sportspersons, dancers, and combat personnel.

The level of proficiency required in the physical activity is measured by the factor Proficiency. For example, while a ballerina may require a Level 4 physical capability, the level of proficiency required of the ballerina is assessed by Proficiency. Proficiency may be through training, inherent ability, or both.

Table 1.3.4 Physical Skill

1 The position is not one that specifically relies on a high level of physical fitness or agility, eg most administrative positions.

The position requires above average levels of physical agility, eg for some outdoors tour guides, physical education teacher, and can include some manual worker positions, eg crane chaser.


The position requires defined levels of physical fitness and agility, eg jockey, professional hunter.


The position requires advanced levels of physical fitness and agility, eg ballerina, athlete, advanced combat personnel.

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