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1.3.2 Computer Usage Skill

This factor measures the level of computer usage skill required by the position to carry out its function competently.

Table 1.3.2 Computer Usage Skill


The position does not require the use of computers.


Read information off a computer screen.


Use a simple menu to look up information.


Enter or edit data through a menu system.


Use basic spreadsheets, perform basic word processing functions and file management procedures (copy, move, delete, save), and use printers and operate e-mail and use the internet.


Perform advanced word processing functions, or set up and use intermediate spreadsheets or simple databases or similar level software, or produce desktop published material, or search specialised databases for information.


Use advanced software packages, eg computer aided drafting, statistical packages, diagnostic software, or set up and use complex databases. Some elementary computer programming skills related to the use of the software packages may be required.


The position requires computer usage skills commensurate with an information systems professional.

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