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1.3 Specialist and Management Skills

Specialist skills can be specific to particular occupations, such as artistic skill, but may also apply broadly, such as numeracy. The specialist skills are: numeracy, computer usage, artistic skill, physical skill, care (compassion), and knowledge of law and legislative procedure.

Management skills are common across all occupational groups and measure the skills relating to planning, allocating, directing, and improving organisation resources and activities. The management skills measured are: research, analysis and information management skills, financial resource management skill, and human resource management skill.

The management challenge presented by the organisational breadth or diversity under the positionís direction, and the corresponding strategic planning and operations management skills required, are measured by the factor Functional Breadth.

   1.3.1 Numeracy Skill
   1.3.2 Computer Usage Skill
   1.3.3 Artistic Skill
   1.3.4 Physical Skills
   1.3.5 Care
   1.3.6 Application of the Law and Legislative Procedures
   1.3.7 Research, Analysis and Information Management Skills
   1.3.8 Financial Resources Management Skills
   1.3.9 Human Resource Management Skills

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