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Jobscore: a complete, on-line, job evaluation and market salary system for any position in any Australian Local Authority.

Jobscore is well established, with close to twenty years application across many industries - including Local Government.

Jobscore is contemporary, examining a wide range of skill types, to allow measurement of every type of job at every level of complexity. Fine differences between jobs can be measured.

Jobscore is non-discriminatory, measuring only the skills required for competent performance of a job: no characteristic of the incumbent is accounted.

Jobscore is internet-based and takes full advantage of that technology to be a highly efficient tool: easy use and quick to apply, with complete flexibility of access from any internet-capable device or location.

Jobscore is fully supported with technical backup and comprehensive training. Telephone support is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Jobscore has many features to facilitate efficient and effective management of your job evaluation and market comparison process.

Jobscore is free to paid-up subscribers to our job-evaluated salary surveys.

With Jobscore you can:

Comprehensive training, and ongoing telephone support, is provided in all aspects of Jobscore and its application.

Jobscore measures the key skills required to perform a job, including the complexity of the organisation containing the job.
Education LevelResearch Skills
Written Communication SkillsFinancial Resource Management Skills
Speaking & Listening SkillsHuman Resource Management Skills
Numeracy SkillBreadth of Organisation Managed
Computer Usage SkillProficiency
Artistic SkillProblem Solving
Physical SkillAccountability for Assets
Compassion SkillsAccountability for Client Service
Application of Legislative ProcedureOverall Impact

Organisation complexity is measured by: diversity of the market serviced, diversity of the products or services provided, geographic scope of activities, and the size of the organisation as measured by annual revenue or operating expenditure budget.

See the Jobscore Manual.

Refer also the procedure for a comprehensive Jobscore job evaluation program.

Jobscore is included for participants in our Local Authorities Remuneration Survey (LARS).
See example results of this nation-wide, salary survey of Council salaries: one of Australia's largest and the only one that is job-evaluated - and it is fully updated every six months.

A complete professional edition of Jobscore is available for you to try right now.

Frequently asked questions. Jobscore Manual

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