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An integrated job description management, salary determination, and reporting system.

Applicable to any job in any organisation.

All online. All the time.

  • Develop, customise, save, print and review job descriptions.

  • Determine (as required) a job evaluation for a position. Save and review evaluations. Develop, customise, save, print and review job evaluation reports.

  • Determine a market salary for a position (both job evaluated and job description matched) based NRC salary surveys and other user sourced information. Develop, customise, save, print and review market salary reports.

  • Access your on-line information at any time with your NRC-provided password to review, make changes, add to, or delete.

  • Set up pre-formatted templates for job descriptions, reports, memos and other document layouts. Add logos and standard text to customise further. Save these online.

  • Export data from JobMaster to your pre-formatted templates to produce ready-to-print documents - save and archive the completed documents off-line.

  • Use inbuilt procedures to limit subordinate user access to the position description development part of the system; thereby allowing subordinate users to develop job descriptions online for review as required by the primary user .


Three major divisions make up the JobMaster system: position description management, job evaluation, and market salary comparison data. The job evaluation system included in JobMaster is the NRC universal system JobscoreŽ. Market comparison data can be from NRC salary surveys, and user-provided non-NRC sources. The three divisions provide three Levels of user access to the system:
  • Level A Includes: (1) User specified and formatted job description, report, memo and other document creation and management. (2) The management of user-provided, non-NRC salary comparisons and its integration into user-specified documents.

  • Level B As for Level A, plus access to NRC Salary Survey results and the integration of those salary results into user-specified documents.

  • Level C As for B, plus inclusion of the NRC job evaluation system JobscoreŽ and integration of its outputs ( job points and market salary levels) into user-specified documents.

An overview of the system outline is shown below.


Request a complimentary twelve months trial.
Includes training time and 24/7 telephone support.
For non-NRC survey participants, trial Level A. Survey participants trial Level B, and for Jobscore subscribers and those participating on a job-evaluated basis, trial Level C.
Contact us now. We can set up your confidential online access and forward the complete manual for the Level you select.


System Outline

What    Job Analysis >>> Job Description >>> Job Evaluation
>>> Salary Benchmarking >>> Reports
          v   ^ |    
    (Input)   (Output)* v (Process) ^ (Input)   (Output)*
          v   ^ |    
          v   ^ |    
          > Non Job        >>> ^ (a) NRC Surveys    
            Evaluated   (b) Other Sources    

Who    Management/HR   HR/Management   HR   HR   HR/Management

  Provide details of
job requirements.
  By collating all inputs
in a JD document.
  Apply the Jobscore
  By accessing NRC
survey data or/and
other relevant market
  By collating inputs
into pre-defined
Report formats.

  To review an
existing job or
assess a new job.
  To display details of
the job and its grading
for approval or review.
  To obtain a relative
measure of the job's
  To obtain a view of
market salaries for
similarly assessed
  To display details of
the job requirements
and relevant market
salaries for review
or approval.

* (Output: A printable document.)

Jobscore is a registered trademark of National Remuneration Centre, Melbourne, Australia.

Henry Warren

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