NRC: Job grades, job evaluation, and Jobscore.
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The disadvantages of a career-graded structure are:

Career family structures can be further broken down to form Career Bands. For example, within an Information Technology career family, bands may be systems development, operations, consulting, telecommunications, and data architecture.

Use Jobscore to build graded career structures
and NRC salary surveys for career family salary levels.

1.1.3 Job Family Structure.

A job family structure consists of independent graded structures, one for each job family, with no relationship between individual family structures in terms of grade alignment or salary level.

The main features of a job family structure, illustrated in Figure 3, are:

  • A number of job families (typically three or four) are identified, each contains groups of jobs in which the type of work and the knowledge and skills required are broadly similar, but the work is carried out and the knowledge and skills are applied at different levels.
  • Separate job family grade structures are developed for each job family; each consisting of a number of levels which can vary between families.
  • The number and width of levels (grades) within a job family can be different to the number and width of levels in other job families.
  • The range of job evaluation points (if based on job evaluation) and pay can vary between levels in different job families. There is not necessarily a cross-correlation between any two family structures.
  • Levels within job families are defined in terms of the essential activities and knowledge and skill requirements for the level (as measured by a job evaluation system, if used).

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