NRC: Job grades, job evaluation, and Jobscore.
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3.1a Jobscore Factors.

The aspects of a job and the characteristics of the organisation containing the job measured by Jobscore are as follows:

 1.2Communication Skills
 1.2.1Written Communication Skill
 1.2.2Speaking and Listening Skills
 1.3Specialist and Management Skills
 Specialist Skills
 1.3.1Numeracy Skill
 1.3.2Computer Usage Skill
 1.3.3Artistic Skill
 1.3.4Physical Skill
 1.3.6Application of the Law and Legislative Procedures
 Management Skills
 1.3.7Research, Analysis and Information Management Skills
 1.3.8Financial Resources Management Skill
 1.3.8Human Resource Management Skill
 1.4Functional Breadth
 3.1Accountability for Capital Assets
 3.2Accountability for Client Service
 4.1Market-Product Diversity
 4.1.1Market Diversity
 4.1.2Product Diversity
 4.2Geographic Scope
 4.3Industry Sector and Revenue/Budget

Each factor is divided into several levels and each level carries a number of points. As factor levels are selected, the weighting of each factor in the overall evaluation is adjusted dynamically to properly reflect the characteristics of the job being assessed. The Jobscore computer program carries out this process.

The levels for the factor Proficiency are shown overleaf by way of example. This factor has ten levels and the Jobscore system gives a detailed description of each level.

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