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NRC: The Next Steps

The NRC has been conducting surveys and offering a range of services across Australia for over 30 years. In December 2016, the management of the NRC transitioned to a new team. Our new team has a significant background in Human Resources management practice and our aim is to refresh, develop and expand the NRC's strong suite of products and services.

Over time it is the plan to develop new products, strengthen existing products and to provide additional consultancy support. One of our first tasks is to engage with clients and other stakeholders to seek their input as we begin the task of refreshing and strengthening the NRC.

Please contact us on nrc@natrem.com.au with any queries or comments.

The NRC Team


MARK CHILCOTT BA, Grad Dip (Commerce)
Email: nrc@natrem.com.au
Mark specialises in Total Reward Management, Executive Remuneration, Organisational Design, and Job Value and Evaluation. Mark also has broad experience as a HR Generalist, including IR, OH&S, and Data management. Mark has worked with senior management and Boards to design and implement a range of HR Programs as well as managing significant organisational functions. Mark enjoys working with businesses to help them realise their goals by putting in place fit for purpose strategies for managing their people. Most recently, Mark was the General Manager Employee Relations for Medibank Private, heading up the Reward and Performance, Workplace Relations and Payroll.

From January 2017 Mark has taken the role Managing Director of the NRC.

Email: paul@natrem.com.au
Paul has had a lengthy career in HR Consulting with a focus on remuneration and salary systems analysis. He joined TPF&C (now part of Watson Towers) when it entered Australia in 1982 and developed the HR consultancy business over the next ten years. Paul joined NAB in 1992 as General Manager, HR Resources and Development for six years, and then moved to become a Principal in Mercer HR Consulting. Since 2008 Paul has primarily operated in boutique consulting roles, bringing extensive experience to bear on interesting consulting projects for selected clients. Paul has extensive knowledge of remuneration and incentives, HR management/ analysis and best practice, and how to assist clients to create effective change in organisations using these tools.

Email: laurie@natrem.com.au
Laurie is a senior Human Resources Executive with a significant breadth of experience in board and executive remuneration across both listed and non-listed organisations. Laurie’s prime focus is on integrating remuneration and broader HR initiatives with organisations’ business strategies and aligning business performance. He has extensive experience in:

Board and Senior Executive Remuneration
Incentive design and linkage to performance
Remuneration and Benefits
Workforce Planning & Analysis
Organisational frameworks
Industrial Relations

Jobscore®: The user-friendly job evaluation tool.

The NRC provides the job evaluation tool Jobscore®, that offers an easy to use, guided and accurate way to assess the value of jobs versus NRC market data, we can also help you to come up with a regression line to use your own data to help with internal consistency.

The NRC may be contacted via nrc@natrem.com.au or on
03 6950 0868 or 0457560682. 
Mark Chilcott is the Managing Director and primary contact.  

Remuneration and benchmarking analysis.

The NRC provides remuneration advice for clients based on our salary surveys, matched to position descriptions or to job evaluation scores and paylines.  This advice can cover a wide range of positions, classification groups and job levels in the private and public sectors.

The NRC may be contacted via nrc@natrem.com.au or on
03 6950 0868 or 0457560682.
Mark Chilcott is the Managing Director and primary contact.  

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